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Strong Candle Spell To Attract Money

Candle Spell To Attract Money

Candle Spell To Attract Money

Money serves the purpose of fulfilling all your desires on the Earth. It provides you comfort and the much needed happiness to live life on your terms. One cannot imagine life without money. It is very important to earn money to provide the basic needs and also to maintain a standard of living. Whatever the amount of money you have, it is always considered less in terms of the increasing expenditures and trends in today’s scenario. One must therefore ensure that the money should always come and should never decrease. One can chant the candle spell to attract money to invite money on their way.

Money Come To Me Now Spell

You can chant the money come to me now spell to increase your money luck. The spells to attract money will double your money within few weeks and you can become wealthier after chanting this spell. The spell works on charging the energies of money and increasing the sources of money coming in your way. For making the spell effective you need to focus on your energies and send your wishes to the universe. You will see money coming your way in few days or weeks. You can perform this spell anytime at home. It is advisable to chant the candle spell to attract money under the guidance of a spell expert.

You can perform the below given money come to me now spell:

Spell To Attract Money

Green Candle Money Spell

To cast the spell you’ll need:

One green candle

Six coins (gold, copper, or silver)

A green cloth (gold cloth is also fine)



How to perform the green candle money spell:

Take an altar. Meditate before casting the spell to charge your positive energies.

Apply some oil on the green candle. Keep the candle on the altar. Now put six coins round the candle in a circle.

While casting the spell, imagine receiving money and being grateful for getting it. Now light the candle and chant three times:

“Money does flow,

Money will grow,

My Money does shine,

This Money is now mine.”

Spread the cloth or pouch and sprinkle some cinnamon over the cloth.

Now roll the cloth with six coins into it. While you pick the coins, chant the words three times:

“Bring me money three times

As I will it, so mote it be”

While you use a cloth, you can tie it in form of a bag.

Strong Candle Spell To Attract Money

The candle spell to attract money is strong and effective in channelizing the energy flow of money making you wealthier and luckier. If you are going to invest money in some venture or project, you can chant the candle spell before going for the project. It will ensure unexpected returns and you can see your money doubling. You can also chant the spell before going to commence a business or start a new project.

Strong Candle Spell To Attract Money
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