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Hindu Prayer And Mantra To Get Good And Rich Husband

Mantra To Get Good Husband

Every girl dreams of getting a husband who will love and support her. In the modern day world, it is very hard to find someone whom you can place trust to spend your entire life with. To find a good husband is like accepting a big challenge. But with the help of the mantra to get good husband it won’t be difficult anymore to find a perfect match. If you are facing any opposition in your marriage from your family or in laws then you can recite this mantra to get good husband. It will remove all the obstacles which you are facing in your path of marriage.

Mantra To Get Rich Husband

Mantra To Get Good Husband

It is very important to get a financially strong and good hearted husband to ensure a smooth and beautiful life. Marriage is a very important life turning phase of life. It is very important to get a partner who will be supporting and loyal to you to ensure a happy and successful marriage. If you want to get a husband who is rich and affluent then you can chant the mantra to get rich husband. This mantra will open up ways for you to get married soon with a rich good looking husband.

You can recite the Hindu prayer for good husband. The Hindu prayer derives its strength from the deity and will reach your prayers to the concerned deity. You need to be very careful in reciting the mantra as any single mistake in the recitation could annoy the deity and bring disastrous results. Therefore it is advisable to chant this mantra with the help of an Astrologer who will see your horoscope and then guide you with the effective remedy to solve your problem.

Pooja For Getting Good Husband

hindu prayer Get Good Husband

The method of performing the pooja for getting good husband is given below:
You can chant this mantra if you are facing any denial or delay in your marriage. It will remove any kind of obstruction or hurdles you are facing in your married life.

“Tatouya yaurampu rogama iahshana iah

Srugalmadhya divbhaghru dhdtiah”

To know the whole procedure of reciting the mantra for getting good husband you can seek help from our Astrologer.

Chant this mantra for 108 times

It should be chanted before sunrise and after sunrise once.

Avoid chanting this mantra during menstruation.

You can see the results from the seventh day after chanting this mantra.

The father can chant this mantra for their child’s marriage.

Continue chanting this mantra till the date of your marriage.

Unmarried girls must chant Shiv Parvati mantra to get good marriage proposals.


Strong Hindu Prayer For Good Husband

Chant the Shiv Parvati mantra for 1000 times for 11 days. This strong hindu prayer for good husband bestows one with a blessed and happy married life.

Shiv Parvati Mantra:

Om Vajrakaran Shive rudh-2 Bhave mamaai amrit kuru-2 Swaha||

Hindu Prayer And Mantra To Get Good And Rich Husband
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