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Spell To Make Someone Like Or Love You –   Spell To Make Him Fall in love with You

Spell To Make Someone Like You

Spell To Make Someone  Love You

Being in love is the most fascinating journey of a person’s life. Seeing that person in front of you gives you a tickling feeling of joy and fills your heart with abundant affection and compassion. With the passage of time, your feelings for him increase more and it becomes extremely difficult to forget your man of dreams. However, if you come to learn that the person you love doesn’t feels the same for you, you are left broken and . If you are going through the same pain and wishes to make your lover fall in love with you, then this spell to make someone love you could be of great help to you.

Spell To Make Someone Like You

Every person wishes to get his share of love in life and it is a miracle to get the love of tSpell To Make Someone  Love Youhat person whom you like. Whether you are single or in a relationship but your lover doesn’t loves you or have the same kind of feelings towards you or if you yearn for someone in your life then you may cast this strong spell upon him to like you instantly. This powerful spell is bound to create feelings of affection in his heart and draw him closer towards you. It’s not impossible to turn your dreams into reality. You can surely win the heart of that someone special and attract him with this magical spell. This spell holds the strength of divine and spiritual energies and instills in his heart feelings of affection and love for you. It would bring your lover or partner closer to you in a few days and gets you back the same amount of happiness and joy in your life.

Spell To Make him Love You

To cast this spell you need the following things:

  •    A one metre length red ribbon
  •   A photograph showing yourself and of that person whom you want to cast  the spell upon,
  •   seven roses,
  •   some fragrance
  •   and one closed bottle.

 Practise this spell on a Friday or a full moon night or any other  days. Pluck the petals one by on

Spell To Make him Love You

e and place each petals inside the glass and keep chanting the following spell:

  ‘If you want to listen and you want love, open your heart and never forget me.’

·       Spray some fragrance of rose or jasmine inside the bottle.

·       Take the red ribbon and cover it along the sides of both the photographs and chant the same words again and again.

·       Place the bottle in a secret place for seven days, finally on the last day open the bottle and let the fragrance spread in the air.

·       You will see the person will fall in love with you, and start liking you.

·       Lastly, you may bury the bottle inside the ground.

Spell To Make Someone Like Or Love You –   Spell To Make Him Fall in love with You
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