Couple Breakup Spells To Break Up A Married Couple

Spells To Break Up A Couple

Spells To Break Up A CoupleMarriage is a big concern for everyone. You cannot afford to take it lightly at any stage of your life. If by any means your marriage fails to work out and you aren’t happy with your present marital status, then you do have the leisure to break your marital bond and move on. However, sometimes you and your partner do not have the same perspective. It may be that you wish to quit and move on but your partner wants to give it a try. But, with the help of spells to break up a couple, you can very easily break your marital bond and move ahead in your life.


Life gives you plethora of chances to undo the wrong that you have done. If your marriage seems to be a big mistake in your life and you do not wish to continue it anymore, then you have all the options to end your marriage on a silent note and get away with it. When you’re not happy with your partner, then the best option is to get out the relation without harming or hurting anyone. Breaking an unhappy relationship isn’t a sin. The couple break up spells isvery simple and can be performed by anyone. The breakup spells will wipe away all the forces linked with the love spells.

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Powerful Break Up Spells For Couples

However, before casting the spell make sure that you’re completely justified in whatever you have thought of doing and no harm is caused to anyone. The spell is harmless and will not have any disastrous effect on anyone. The break up spells for couple is your one stop solution to end this unsatisfying relationship. You will be out of the prison and live a free life on your terms.

Very often regardless of what marital connection the husband and wife share, the relationship is constantly being attacked. There are spells to break up a married couple which can help you break the bond of the couple. They will separate and then you can marry the person you love. However, it is important that you perform the spell with a good motive. Having negative ambition behind the spell could violate the rules and you may have to face the consequences. Hence, the right way to perform the spell is to do it under the guidance of our baba ji.

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Spells To Break Up A Couple

Panditji has a diversified knowledge for such instances ansd he will guide you with the procedure of the spells and its pros and cons. You will be well advised and everything will be taken care of from his side. The procedure for the spell to break a married couple is given here:

Couple Breakup Spells To Break Up A Married CoupleTake some black yarn or black rope around a foot long. Make nine knots. As you tie every knot, imagine the couple you want to break up and hate each other. When you make a knot recite this chant,

“Take this couple that I see / Love is gone, unhappy be / Knots of discord, knots of hate / Soon to part is their fate / With this spell I know I’ve won / I curse their love to come undone!”

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When you’re done, hide the rope somewhere in the house. Once the couple breaks up, you can throw the rope.

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